Meet a few beekeepers...

Amos Kasamwa

Amos Kasamwa has been a beekeeper for more than 30 years. He lives in a small village surrounded by forest called Kangeme, where he raised his 6 children. Thanks to beekeeping, his daughter Beatrice went to University to become a teacher.

Simon Kafipa

Simon Kafipa has been beekeeping for over 50 years, which always provided a great help for his family. Thanks to honey, his son will go to university to become a teacher. When not in the forest, Simon enjoys having a cup of tea with honey.

Oscar Boaz

Oscar Boaz - father of 6 children, grand-father of 11, and beekeeper of over 10 years. Oscar chose to be a beekeeper because in his village, Lumbe, honey is one of the biggest sources of income.

Bahati Lukelesha

Bahati Lukelesha, father of 7 children, is a beekeeper for 10 years. Beekeeping allowed him to get a house and land for agriculture. Bahati’s favorite moment in the forest is to come accross fresh, natural springs: “it is pure like my honey!”