The World's Best Honey

Upendo Honey is sourced from untouched Miombo forests reserves in Tanzania. We harvest seasonally creating distinct unique flavours from the different floral blooms. Our honey is incredibly high in floral diversity creating a rich, full flavour. Our honey meets the organic standards of both USDA and EU specifications. We sell both retail products and in bulk. Please get in touch with us if you would like to stock our products or to learn more about The World's Best Honey.


The use of harsh chemicals and pesticides in our food is making us sick. The deforestation of the globe, hurts us all - and those in poor countries the fastest. We have a responsibility to future generations to not destroy this one earth. At Upendo Honey the environment is at the forefront of everything we do. Unhealthy forests means no bees. No bees means no honey.
Organic Honey
Our honey is sourced from hives in designated forest reserves where no agriculture is possible. We work with local government authorities to protect these forest reserves from agriculture encroachment or from cutting trees for charcoal production. Our honey meets all organic requirements and helps protect native forests areas.
The beekeepers we work with know what they are doing. Keeping bees has been done for generations in Tanzania. However no one is too old to learn a few new tricks. We provide modern bee-smokers to beekeepers and train them on their use, reducing the amount of smoke applied during harvest. Beyond just enhancing the flavour, the smokers are also very fuel efficient reducing the amount of trees cut down for firewood.


Upendo Honey directly engages with hundreds of traditional beekeepers. We provide training, equipment, and a ready market for their (delicious) produce. We also train farmers on the principles of organic production and sustainability. This increases the value of their honey and the amount of money in their pocket.
All of our operations are based in our home community. By basing our processing and bottling facility as close to our supply chain as possible we not only ensure we make delicious honey, we also create many more jobs. Currently Upendo Honey employs over 15 full time staff - and growing!
Sustainability has many meanings. To us it is about being here for the long term. It is our dream to see the organic honey industry in Tanzania grow and flourish. With beautiful forests and a pristine ecosystem for beekeeping, honey production can be a great route out of poverty of many people. Upendo Honey wants to be right at the heart of that transformation.

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